Microblading: How to Get Your Brows in Shape

Hi beauties! As promised, I wanted to answer some questions about my microblading experience and give some insight to this easy process. If any of you girls are interested in microblading here in Vegas, you NEED to go see my girl Vanessa Hartmann from IHartBrows! I am so happy with my microblading results and finally have the brows I’ve always dreamt of!

First, let me provide a little brow history of my own: I have been thinking about getting my brows microbladed for about 2 years now, but I really needed to find someone that I could trust to “tattoo” my eyebrows. I mean brows are so important and shape your entire face! It’s something that could easily be messed up and I’m not about to walk around with crazy brows lol. Although I have decent eyebrows, I was spending wayyy too much time filling them in everyday while doing my makeup. My hair is very thick, however, I was not blessed with thick beautiful brows…. I really struggled with making my brows appear thicker and getting that perfect arch. I do have to say that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (shade: Dark Brown) & the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (shade: Dark Brown) made all the difference when shading in my brows and actually made the process easier compared to other products I’ve used over the years. Even after microblading I still use the Brow Wiz. The Brow Definer is geared toward shaping your brows and the way the tip is made, makes it easier to fill them in. Now that I have had my brows microbladed, I don’t need to draw out the edges with the Brow Definer. Instead I gently use the Brow Wiz to fill them in a bit on days I want a more dramatic look.


My Brow Goals:

To fill in any sparse areas and to make them look thicker and symmetrical :)

Let me answer a few questions you guys asked about the microblading process:

Q: What is microblading?

A: Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where hair-like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Pain tolerance in general is different for everyone, but I did not experience any pain with this! I was really nervous about this part because I have a very low tolerance for pain… Before we started, Vanessa applied numbing cream to my brows and let it sit for about 15 mins. Periodically throughout the procedure, she would re-apply the numbing cream. Microblading is not like a tattoo in the fact that a needle is NOT being used. Instead it is a special blade-like tool. It was totally pain free and felt more like a scrape than anything!!

Q: How long does it last?

A: Your brows will last up to 1-2 years after the procedure.

Q: Are they a lot of maintenance afterwards?

A: NOT AT ALL! The best thing is being able to wake up with PERFECT brows! After the procedure, your brows will appear the darkest after the first 3 days. Trust me when I say your brows will be on FLEEK! Haha! Between the 5th and 7th day, your brows will begin to scab and flake off. It is so important NOT TO PICK them!!!! By day 7, you will be able to finally wet your brows. The ink will lighten and settle, and in 2 weeks your brows will appear the desired shade - AKA not so intense as the first couple days ;)

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Prices will vary depending where you go and the experience of your esthetician. Vanessa charges $400 for the procedure itself. This includes a 6 week touchup after.

Q: How long can you not get them wet for after microblading?

A: You should NOT get your brows wet for 7-10 days afterwards. Vanessa advised me to come with clean hair, because I would not be able to wash my face or hair for a week. EEEK! I have been using the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes to wash my face and remove my makeup. I have been extra careful in the shower to not let water touch my face. As far as washing my hair…. I do like to try to limit washing my hair to 2-3x a week. But 7 days!!! YIKES! The world cannot have enough dry shampoo to make my hair look good after 7 days lol! My sweet husband helped me wash my hair after day 5 in the tub because I could not handle the dirty hair. We were extra cautious not to let the water touch my face.

Q: What was the hardest part for you throughout the entire process?

A: I really struggled with the itchiness!!!! OHHH EMMMM GEEE! This again is something that is different for everyone depending on your skin and your skins healing process. I have the type of skin that scars really easily and itches really bad when a cut is healing. Instead of applying the Vitamin A & D ointment twice daily, I only applied it once daily to reduce the itchiness.


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I found this website to be a good reference for any further questions you guys may have about the microblading process. Hope this helps. Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments you may have. It is definitely a splurge, but SO WORTH IT!

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