My TULA Skincare Routine

Hey guys! I recently just tried out Tula Skincare products and I had so many requests for a blog post all about TULA!

If you are new to trying Tula let me tell you a little bit about their company. Tula is a probiotic skincare line. The same probiotic bacteria that are best known to help balance and calm your stomach are also clinically proven to help promote the look of skin’s natural balance, locking in moisture to leave your complexion more hydrated and reducing the appearance of inflammation. Tula is such a versatile skincare line because it can be used on any skin type and skin of all ages!

TULA's products are 100% free from phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrolatum, gluten, and mineral oil. They are also cruelty free!

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Tula is a brand I've heard nothing but good things about and I have honestly been dying to try! I feel so lucky that Tula wanted to collaborate with me and gave me the opportunity to share their skincare line with you all! I have absolutely fallen hard and in love with Tula!! 

I girl that loves my routine. I wanted to make sure I used it religiously and developed a skincare routine with their products before creating my blog post for you all. I've been using TULA for about 2 weeks now and I have seen such a change in my skin. I'm a Ponds facial cream kind of gal up until now! I love the feeling of taking off my makeup before bed and pampering my skin at the end of the night. It's something that I've always enjoyed and something that makes me feel good. I'm big on skincare and healthy skin. I've shared a few skincare posts here on the blog, but it is time to spill the beans all about my updated skincare routine using Tula.

I started my anti-aging skincare routine in my early teens and can truly say that having a routine that has made all the difference in helping my skin remain as youthful and healthy as possible! If you haven't developed a skincare routine that works for you or you struggle with keeping a routine, don't sweat it. I'm here to offer advice to you so you can start now and thank me later ;)

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I had to throw in this adorable picture of Oliver photobombing during my flatlay ;)

Ok here it is: I've broken my routine down into my morning routine and night routine for you all!


My Morning Skincare Routine 



Purifying Face Cleanser

I start my routine by cleansing my face first with Tula's Purifying Cleanser. I keep one in the shower and one on my sink. I LOVE using this face wash with my Foreo Luna! Both of these combined have made such a huge change in my skin. This cleanser cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils and without leaving your skin feeling dry.



Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Although I don't exfoliate every morning, (and I don't recommend doing so) this is my go-to product on days I do. I exfoliate maybe once a week or as my skin needs it. It offers gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin of essential oils.



Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum

I LOVE using this product in the morning to help make me look more awake! On days when I work 12-hour shifts I usually do 3 or 4 in a row and trust your girl when I say this is a MUST in my routine! It's like a cup of coffee for my dark circles - This serum is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness.



Illuminating Face Serum

I like to apply this serum to my face in the morning after cleansing but definitely before putting on my foundation. I notice my skin is glowing once it is applied. It goes on smooth and does not leave a thick film on top of your skin. This is the item that keeps my skin looking youthful!




SOOOO many good things to say about this one!! This is the HOLY GRAIL of all TULA products! It is literally like a tall glass of water for your skin! If you struggle with dry skin like myself - this is the ultimate hydrating cream you want for your skin! This addictive gel-cream leaves your skin quenched, dewy and revived in a weightless, oil-free texture. If I'm having a day that is makeup-free I like to leave this on my skin - as it delviers hydration to your skin for up to 72 hours!


My Nighttime Skincare Routine




I've talked about it over and over again in my past blog posts regarding beauty and skincare and I will continue to be a fan of Ponds! I've mentioned before that Ponds has been around for 3 generations in my family. My grandma and mother both still use Ponds. This has been my nightly moisturizer my whole life until recently switching to TULA. I still can't get rid of it though... So now I'm primarily using it as a makeup remover. I just apply a little bit on the end of my cotton ball to get off all of my makeup and eye makeup. When I'm not using these, I'm using the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes


STEP 1 cont'd... // MAKEUP REMOVER


This has been my first time trying a cleansing oil and I'm addicted!!! This silky oil, formulated with natural kefir extract, gently dissolves stubborn makeup and residue while nourishing the skin. After using this my skin is always left feeling so clean and hydrated. I like to savor this as much as possible so I tend to use it when my skin needs extra hydration - otherwise I stick to the Ponds cream. 




This was my first time using a toner and I love the way it balances my skin! After using all the moisturizers and skin masks on my face, this is good to use at night time once I've taken off all of my makeup. I like to pump a small amount onto a cotton pad/ball and massage it onto my face then remove it with a cotton pad.




This mask is deeply nourishing! It is formulated to help your skin recover from extreme dryness and signs of distress. I like to use this once a week to help my skin revitalize.




Last, but certainly not least is my FAVORITE TULA product that I swear by! I cannot say enough good things about this cream! A lot of moisturizers that I have used in the past are so thick that they leave a film on top of my skin or rather sit on top of my skin. This is the first one that I have used that actually sinks into my skin. The first night I used it, I remember telling my husband to feel my skin the morning after because it felt like a baby's bottom! I love that it comes in a travel size because I don't go anywhere without this baby! I also love that it can be used day or night. This my friends is going to be the product above all else that keeps your skin youthgul and healthy!



Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads (6)

1 Pad, 2 sides, 2 minutes = baby soft, smooth and brighter looking skin! Using one of these pads is literally like having an instant facial but for a fraction of the cost!! These are one of my favorite items! I only have a few left and weill be needing more for sure!


I hope you guys enjoy TULA as much as I do! It has been a complete game changer in my skincare routine and has become the only brand pretty much in my skincare routine! Comment your favorite products below!

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You can shop any of these items by clicking on the item directly or you can shop it all in one place down below right here! I've also linked my favorite GlamGlow facemask that I also swear by!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by TULA and contains affiliate links. All opinions of this review are my own belong to

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