Blogger Q&A 10K + How to grow your IG following

Now that I’ve reached 10k followers and there’s a lot of new faces out there, I wanted to take the top 10 most asked questions I’ve received about blogging and share my honest advice and responses. I’m so grateful for the followers and friends I’ve made along the way so far. Blogging has opened up doors for me I’ve only dreamed of! So here it is! I’m so excited to share this blog post with you guys!



1) How do you gain authentic followers and so fast?

This is the number one question I’ve received as a newer blogger. I try to be proactive and respond back to all of the messages I receive and give good advice. This topic has been my most requested for a blog post, so here it is as the question number 1! This is a topic so important in the blogging world and could even have it’s own blog post! Lol, but for now here are the basics.

  • First off I just want to say that whatever you do, DO NOT BUY your followers!! The reason I emphasize this is because companies can always tell so easily when you have fake followers and will even blacklist you from any sort of future collaborations with their brand. It will NOT end up benefiting you in any way by increasing your numbers with fake followers. Being a blogger, it is so easy to tell when people have numbers that are off. It’s completely obvious so just don’t do it….

  • That being said, the BEST way to increase your following is ENGAGEMENT.ENGAGEMENT.ENGAGEMENT! Interacting with bloggers that are in your same niche and making blogger friends is the best way to keep up your engagement up. Create a group together where you comment and like each others photos! Instagram is constantly changing their algorithm (I know soooo annoying), but we have to just work with it as influencers. It’s also good to comment and like other bloggers photos. Supporting one another will allow you to make friends in the blogging industry. Remember, when your comment shows up first on someone else’s photo, other people will see that an in turn hopefully comment, like or even follow you back.

  • Giveaways with other influencers are a great way to gain followers. Just remember, once the giveaway is over, you may not keep all of those followers. Be careful on what giveaways you decide to enter. I’m not a huge fan of international giveaways.

  • Get creative! Contest is key! You will see that some photos do better than others. I recommend taking everyday lifestyle photos that showcase your daily life. Most of my photos are outfits I’m wearing that day, but there are times that I have a day just to shoot looks.

2) When/why did you start your blog?

I wanted to start blogging because I LOVE fashion, beauty and shopping! It is something that makes me feel good about myself. I’ve always gotten questions about where I bought a specific outfit or what kind of curling iron I use so I began blogging about it. My biggest goal I have for my blog is to encourage other women to feel good about themselves. I launched Trendy & Spendy on March 26, 2018. This was the day I announced my blog and created my instagram account @trendyandspendy. I’m still very new at blogging a it has only been 6 mos. so I am by no means an expert. I am simply just giving my input/advice on how I created my blog and got to where I am today.

3) What presets do you use to edit your photos?

Having an aesthetically pleasing feed is very important in the blogging world. Yes, there is more to blogging than just Instagram, but let’s face it, IG is the first place most brands, followers and our fellow bloggers first find us and you want your feed to grab their attention. Pick a color scheme and layout that is consistent and easy on the eye. I use the Dreamy Presets in Millennial Pink. I started using these presets about 3 months into blogging after seeing another blogger using them. I have received nothing but positive comments and feedback from using my presets. There are a ton out there so find the one that best suits your personality and go with it!

4) Do you blog full time?

Currently, I am not a blogging full time. I work a full time job as an Obstetrics registered nurse (RN) here in Vegas. Blogging is something I began for fun or as a hobby so to speak that has turned into a part time job. I hope to build my blog even further and one day turn it into a full-time gig ;)

5) Who takes your photos? And what kind of camera do you use?

My husband takes all of my photos! He is the best instagram husband EVER! He is so patient with me and always trying to encourage me to make my blog better. My mom takes some bomb photos too! Whenever we visit her or she comes to visit us she always offers to take my pictures and we always have so much fun. FYI: The first photo my mom ever took for my blog actually ended up getting my first ever paid collaboration! So she’s pretty dang awesome!

I use a Canon Rebel T6 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens for blog photos and my iPhone X for the majority of my Instagram photos! My husband got me my camera for Christmas this year because he knew how much my baby (AKA my blog) meant to me :)

6) How time consuming is blogging?

Where to even begin with answering this! I’ll give an example - I’ve currently been working on this blog post alone for a little over an hour… I truly believe you get out of what you put into something. Blogging takes a lot of time and dedication. It involves, a lot of emailing, shooting the photo, editing the photo, and posting the photo to all of your social media accounts with a catchy caption. I work 12 hour shifts 3 days/week so I’m off 4 days week. And you bet your a** on all of my days off I am some how some way working on my blog whether it is creating content, writing a blog post, or emailing back companies. I have so much respect for women that work full time jobs and balance being mothers and blogging full time! Right now was the perfect time to launch my blog. I waited until we got married so that all of the wedding planning was out of the way and I could completely 100% devote my time to blogging.

7) Is blogging expensive?

Unfortunately, yes, it cant be! The very first thing I invested in for my blog was buying a domain and finding the right website host. This didn’t come cheap either as most companies want you to pay a full year in advance for your website. It can be expensive especially in the beginning when you aren’t making much money from your blog since you are just starting out… The most common thing you will get in the beginning as a blogger is free stuff. Boutiques are the biggest for this as most of them don’t have the budget for paid collabs and typically want you to showcase their clothing. As far as buying clothing goes, I buy way more now than I ever did before I was a blogger. I like to try to buy pieces I can wear more than once or style more than one way. I have to be smart about items I buy and hope that you all like them as well.

8) How do you decide what companies to work with?

I only work with companies that I truly believe in and support! I have had plenty of companies reach out to me that I kindly turn down because I don’t 100% believe in the product or simply because it just does not fit in with my niche of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

9) How did you begin to collaborate with brands? Did they reach out to you or did you reach out to them first?

It really goes both ways. As a new blogger, don’t be afraid to reach out to brands that you would like to work with. The worst that will happen is they say no. I’ve also had a few companies reach out to me. Once you have that first big company notice you, it makes you realize how much all of the hard work was worth it and it will make your day!

10) What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a new blogger?

The biggest challenge has been putting in so much time and work into making my blog a success without seeing the benefits right away. A big goal of mine as a new blogger was getting an exclusive invite with (See my full blog post HERE about and how to use it) I had been blogging for 3 months and applied twice before finally getting accepted. When you feel like giving up and giving in, keep on going and keep on pushing! Remember why you started blogging in the first place and let that fuel you! It takes a long time for people to notice you and to get your name out there, but once you do it will be so worth it! It took me months to even get my first collaboration.

BONUS QUESTION: How do you make money through blogging?

This was the 2nd most asked question I received about blogging. There are two sources of income that come from blogging. (See my full blog post HERE about and how to use it) The 1st is through affiliate marketing with RewardStyle where I talk about following me in the app. The 2nd is through collaborations with different brands. I work with the brand’s PR company directly.


I am very goal oriented and driven. If you want to make your blog a success you need to constantly have new goals set for yourself, once one is achieved. My first blogger goal was getting followed by reaching 10K which are both now checked off of my list! My new goal is to get major brand collaborations!

I wouldn’t be here without all of your love and support! I’m so thankful to have you all in my life! Thank you for following Trendy & Spendy! I’m so excited to see what the future brings and I look forward to all of the new relationships I will build along the way! CHEERS!!!!

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