Care Of Vitamins

As a registered nurse, I highly value my health, but life and fries sometimes trump my health and get in the way. That's where Care/Of Vitamins comes into play. Each daily pack of vitamins comes with your name personalized on the front and a cute little quote. These packs of vitamins would make an excellent gift for someone in need of some health help ;) Each pack comes with one month supply of vitamins!


Honest guidance.

Better ingredients.

Personalized for you.


How it works?

Step 1 // Take a quick quiz about your daily health and your health goals/values

Step 2 // Build a personalized daily vitamin pack with honest guidance and better ingredients

Step 3 // Receive a box of personalized packs each month. - Adjust or cancel any time, with free shipping on orders over $20.


Use my code: TRENDY25 for 25% off your entire order!



What came in my vitamin pack?

Probiotic Blend - supports the immune system

Calcium Plus - you can never have too much calcium

B-Complex - supports healthy hair/nails

Ashwagandha - supports strength & endurance

Digestive Enzymes - supports digestive health

Fish Oil - helps maintain a healthy heart

Extra Batteries - Vitamin B12 complex and energy metabolism (I will be taking these to work with me during my 12 hours shifts for that extra boost of energy during a long day




We invest our money in clothing, makeup, and shoes, but it's time to change your health and live your best life! Comment below what you received in your Care/Of package! I would love to hear what you all value in your day to day health!

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