get to know me

Hi everyone! My name is Amber Feldman. If you've read my 'About Me' tab then you know a little bit about me already. I've been getting some questions from a couple of you guys asking the basics about me. I thought I would make a blog post specifically to answer the most commonly asked ones. So here it is! This is me :)

What is your profession?

I am a Registered Nurse that works in the specialty of Labor & Delivery. I've been a nurse now for 4 years and love having the privilege of bringing life into the world. It is probably the most rewarding career anyone could have.

What is your favorite color?

Anything with GLITTER or PINK!

What is your favorite food?

Mexican (I have a thing for spicy food) and of course sushi!

Are you a night or day person?

I am definitely a night owl. If I wake up early I can't function without my coffee first.

Why did you start a blog?

I've been wanting to start a blog for about a year now. I was too busy planning a wedding for the last year so now that we are married, I can finally devote all of my spare time to my blog. This is going to be my baby! I am so excited to share my passion for fashion, shopping, and trends with you guys! I always get asked where I got specific outfits from, or which makeup I'm currently using. After years of giving advice to friends and shopping for the best products and latest trends myself (while also spending way too much money) I decided why not let others in and post about it regularly. If you know me I LOVE to shop! I also wanted to incorporate lifestyle, travel, and beauty into my fashion blog. I want it to be unique too though. That's why I have two specific categories most other blogs don't have - 'Beauty Battles' & 'Man Cave Mondays'. Head over to the links at the top of my page to read the latest posts in those categories.

Were you in a sorority?

Yes, I am a proud a Delta Delta Delta alumni! Any other girls out there from the Theta Theta Chapter at UNR? Fun fact: I can thank being in a sorority for allowing me to meet my husband. He was a frat boy lol and a member of Lambda Chi Alpha :) 


I hope you follow along to learn more about me! I'm so excited to begin this journey with you all!

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