10 Months of Marriage - How is married life?

Ty and I got married on October 1st of last year, so we’ve now been married for 8 months today! – whoa. Seriously, time flies! I literally feel like we just got married!! But I guess that’s a good sign since time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

I wanted to share a blog post I got to share with Amy O. Bridal Jewelry that was featured on their website! It goes into detail about how Tyler and I met, the theme of our wedding day, our wedding colors, my favorite parts and advice for brides. If you haven't found your wedding day jewelry yet, Amy O. Bridal is the place to get it! You can see the exact pieces I wore on my wedding day and why I chose them for my jewelry on my special day :)

Trendy & Spendy is definitely a place for me to connect with other people in the fashion industry and for me to share the current fashion trends with my readers, however, you all know that I love sharing bits and pieces of my everyday life on here as well – hence why T&S is a fashion and lifestyle blog. If I’m going to do this, I want to be able to share who I really am with you guys – the crazy, not so pretty parts of life and the fun, glamorous parts! You can read my full blog post from our 6 month wedding anniversary: Just Maui'd - Our Tropical Beach Wedding. This is a full Destination Wedding Guide + goes into detail of all vendors used for our wedding.

If you are a fellow newlywed, then you have probably gotten the same questions asked over and over just like us! LOL! Such as “How’s married life???”, “When are you having kids???” If you are engaged or not yet married, just wait … the time will come and the questions will overflow! Haha! Not that we mind it at all, it's just something that will occur over and over until you have the answer down pat. We are always excited to tell people how married life is going because we are still so excited to be newly married! Married life itself doesn't feel much different. Although living together was a big change. Tyler and I did long distance from Reno, NV to Las Vegas, NV for a whopping 4 years! Ughhhhh long distance sucks, but it was so worth it! And in the long run, we made it out stronger together, knowing we can handle any obstacle that comes our way. You might think well it wasn't really long distance, you lived in the same state?! Las Vegas to Reno is an 8-hour drive and 1-hour flight. Not so bad right? Unless your two broke college students like us.... And flights were always outrageous. Once I moved down to Vegas and we moved in together, it got real! Lol - in a good way of course! We then got engaged and built our first home a month later! Ever since then, I feel like I'm still on cloud nine, living this beautiful life I only ever dreamed of having with my now husband :) As far as the when are you having kids question.... I feel like they are asking expecting us to say we are getting pregnant tomorrow! And it's not that we don't want children, we are both HUGE kiddo lovers and want our own one day, but right now we are still newlyweds and want to take this special time for ourselves before we think about adding little baby Feldmans into our everyday lives. We want to enjoy being married, travel, and save for the means to have a couple kids. We both actually want twins! They both run in our family big time. You may think I'm crazy for that, but I understand the reality of it. I'm a labor and delivery registered nurse, so people think I'm crazy when they hear that. Of course, we want our children to be healthy and don't have a preference. We just want to make sure that we are fully ready and capable of being the best parents possible before we grow our family one day. Our parents can't wait for that day - they are the ones asking about grandkids all the time haha!

Marriage is truly the best thing to ever happen to me. My husband is my very best friend! Marriage is not perfect and although is my favorite things it is, of course, challenging and so rewarding. It is my favorite and most important role I've had in life. That's why I want to answer the infamous questions of, "How is marriage going?"

Marriage is FUN!

Every aspect of marriage is a blast!! I love being married to Tyler! If I can give any advice, is making sure you marry someone who is not only a partner in life, but someone who you can have fun with! Aside from my hubs being one sexy stud muffin, the one other thing I LOVE about him, is how funny he is! He really is the funniest person I know and is constantly making me laugh! This has been an important part of our relationship since we started dating! We make a perfect match! I'm not just saying that. We truly compliment one another in each positive way possible! I can 100% be my silly, weird self around him because he is the same way. We make it a priority to poke fun at each other, laugh at and with one another on a daily basis. I can't ever stay mad at him for long, because he is making some funny face or tickling me when I get angry for any reason. He knows how to lighten the mood and make me forget all my worries and stresses in life.

Marriage is WORK!

Remember, you are a team! That's exactly what we are: Team Ambler (Tyler + Amber combined) - we made that up a long time ago when we first started dating :) I'll be the first to tell you, life isn't perfect and it never will be. No one is perfect, but you can be perfect together and for each other, which is exactly what we are because our relationship is something we have worked hard for. Loving one another is easy, but it hasn't always been. During our days of long distance, sure we fought, we broke up for a day or so, but we always came back to each other because we loved one another. We learned at a very early stage in our r

elationship that both of us were in it for the long run, and we began to talk about a lifelong commitment years before we even got engaged. I had a hard time believing in men growing up. I didn't have any men to look up to in my life so I prayed HARD before meeting Tyler that God would let me know for sure when I met my husband. I have no doubt that I knew for a fact he was the one after just a couple of months together. We were and still are so passionate about our love for one another!

 In the past 8 years of being with Tyler, we have grown up together and more in love. That doesn't mean once your married, everything will be easy. You have to pick your battles a little more wisely and really communicate with one another and always be honest! Though we haven't had any serious trials yet in our 8 months of marriage, I know life can throw curve balls at you. I know our relationship is strong enough to handle life because we have built our marriage on a foundation of love, trust, communication, and loyalty.


I said it in my vows and I'll say it over and over again - Tyler is not only my best friend but my soulmate. It sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. The word soulmate has a whole new meaning to me and I specified that in my wedding vows. I'm getting deep here with you guys because I'm going to share the very first part of my wedding vows with you all:

"You always hear people use the word “soul mate” so naturally as if it’s just another word to describe someone they love. I used to think the same thing; I thought it was just a word and something completely out of reach. It is because of you that I now know the true meaning behind it, and to me, it means so much more. I never really truly believed I would find my soul mate, until the day I met you, Tyler. I once heard a saying that if you meet someone special and your heart pounds, your hands shake, and your knees go weak, then that’s not the one. When you meet your soul mate, you’ll feel a calmness come over you; no anxiety, no agitation, and it will just be easy. That’s exactly how it felt meeting you for the first time." - Amber Feldman

That being said, marriage is like a never-ending slumber party with your best friend! There have been so many nights that Ty and I stay up late watching movies, being silly, talking all night long, and just having a good time together. We have dance parties with each other in the kitchen with the puppy. The other morning when we woke up, we turned on a 90's playlist and just danced while drinking our coffee. I think this fun and playful side will always be alive in our marriage because it just comes easy. We are both busybodies and like to be doing something, but when we are together, we have fun with each other just sitting side by side on the couch talking or watching a movie. We are fortunate enough that both of our schedules allow us to spend a lot of time together, which is important especially before we bring kiddos into the world. We both work weekends, which leaves us the weekdays to spend time together.

Marriage is FAMILY!

I feel like ever since we have been married, I've gained such a huge addition to my family already! I grew up with a very small family - I recently just found out I have a very large family, but that post is for another day lol! Marrying into Tyler's family gave me comfort knowing we have so many people to support our love. My family is also very close to him because it is so small and his family is huge! Coming from such a close-knit fam, I think Tyler knew from the very beginning of our relationship that my family was like a package deal with me. Since being married, Tyler has grown way closer to my family, and I’ve also gotten closer to his. I have been there with his family through some very difficult times, which has also contributed to making our relationship stronger. I can't wait to grow our family one day - in the next couple of years. I know Tyler will make a phenomenal DADDY! And don't worry you guys will be first to know when that time comes :)

Thank you all so much for reading this post and for your endless love and support! I'm happy to answer any wuestions you have for Tyler or myself or about wedding planning and marraige!

** Wedding photos done by the talented Angie Diaz Photography **

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