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- Meet Oliver, the golden doodle -



Hey lovelies,

Meet our pup Oliver.  Oliver, AKA Boo-Boos or Ollie, just turned a year old so in honor of that I wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to him. He brings so much joy to our lives. After a long work day, it's him that my husband and I look forward to coming home and cuddling with. I had a Labrador Retriever for 15 years and thought he was the absolute smartest dog until Oliver came around. If you're interested in getting a puppy or a dog get a Golden Doodle. His temperament is the sweetest and most kind. He's still a puppy so he loves to play, but overall he is just a lover who likes to put his head in your lap and have you pet him until he falls asleep. He truly is one of a kind. You can follow him and his adventures on his Instagram account linked here: @dood.itsoliver

His breed is one of a kind and he actually never got formal training by a trainer or from a dog school. We taught him to sit, stay and shake all within his first couple months with us when he was just a pup. Potty training was easy for Oliver. He was completely trained by 8 months and would only have a few accidents here and there. We crate trained him, which I highly recommend! I've shared some tips and tricks to crate training here by Cesar Millan. I find that this is the easiest way to train your dog and it gives them their own personal spot that becomes their comfort zone. Oliver's crate became his space where he feels safe. We still have it and leave it open with blankets inside - we will find him just relaxing in it from time to time. It gets so hot in Vegas so I like to use a cooler memory foam kennel liner for him to lay on.



About the breed:

Golden doodles are a breed of dogs made from breeding a poodle and a golden retriever. Oliver is a Standard F1B Golden Doodle. What is that exactly? He is 25% golden retriever & 75% poodle which comes from mating a golden doodle with a poodle. They breed them this way to make them even further hypoallergenic. This breed fits best in the lifestyle of someone who has severe allergies to dogs and pet dander. This is why we initially decided to get a hypoallergenic dog, because my husband and I both have extremely bad allergies to dogs. Oliver doesn't shed at all, which is a definite plus too. He is however very curly and fluffy, which we love. Because of that, he does require regular grooming and brushing. We get Oliver groomed every 6-10 weeks or so. He is highly intelligent, the most intelligent dog I've ever had or met (and no I'm not just saying that because I love the guy). The breed is are very laid-back! Plan on your golden doodle ranging anywhere from 45 - 70 pounds. You couldn't ask for a better family dog. He is wonderful with other dogs and loves all people especially playing with kiddos.

Writing this blog post, I was fighting the urge not to post every a million photos of Oliver, but I've included some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them!

I wanted to put together a few things Oliver loves to play with, what we bathe him with and what we feed him. Oliver loves chewing on tennis balls, anything squeaky and he LOVES SOCKS! You'll always see him playing with one of his bajillion toys from his toy bin or walking around the house enjoying a Pork Chomp ;) We feed him this grain free dog food that you can get on Amazon or at Petco. We like to mix his dry food with this wet food - He loves the flavor and the salmon is so good for his coat!

My husband and I are not about to have a stinky dog running around our house and our allergies would be in high swing if we didn't frequently bath him or get him groomed. We have been using this hypoallergenic shampoo ever since Oliver was a puppy because it is so good for his skin - it is made from coconut and smells AMAZING! Ever since Oliver was a puppy, he enjoyed baths. We got him use to the tub and shower once he outgrew our laundry room sink. He has grown to love the water! If you leave the shower door open on accident, you are sure to have a little buddy in there with you whether you want himr in there or not... After we shower him, we blowdry him so he’s not running around the room wet and because his coat is soooo thick it would take FOREVER to dry on its own. I always make sure to brush him after blowdrying so he doesn't get matted later on.

Sorry, he is not for sale :)
Stay tuned for more adventures with Oliver.

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